arms full of sound
The equipment used by Arms Full of Sound has become its own entity.  As the music became more defined it required the use of more tools.  As such, more tools were acquired and integrated into the gear.  Sometimes, the acquisition of new gear pushed the sound itself into new realms as it brought new abilities in music synthesis.
What started as one Digital synthesizer in a blues band became paired with a newer Digital synthesizer to make some interesting sounds.
Then, as the limits of these devices were reached, more gear was added to bring new dimension.  The gear was rounded out to include Analog and Virtual synthesizers, including vintage effect boxes and live volume controllers.
With this growth came a nest of wires and the need for more area as the footprint of the gear grew.
Traveling to venues with this gear initially presented its issues, but a system of setup and tear down was refined with time to an efficient process, not to mention a wonderful exercise regime.
Seeing Arms Full of Sound live has been the best opportunity to see the gear that is used.  Even then, fans have not really been allowed to get close due to the sensitive nature of the equipment.  That is, until now.
After much refining and fine tuning, you can now explore each piece of gear used by Arms Full of Sound.  It has been broken down into its components for you.  You can also see the evolution of the gear as it grows, and dive into the Workshop to see what goodies are kept around in reserve.
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